Branson Police Warning About Counterfeit Money – Hometown Daily News

by: Scott McCaulley

The Branson Police Department has issued a warning about potential Counterfeit Money in the area.

In a release from the department, the department says they have seen Counterfeit Bills is almost every denomination.

The release goes on to say that one of the ways to spot the money is the marking on the both sides of the bills “FOR MOTION PICTURE USE ONLY” with some bills also showing some Chinese symbols.

Some other ways to check for counterfeit from the Police Department Release:

– Use a counterfeit detection pen, but please note that this does not work on all counterfeit bills.

– Hold the bill up to the light to see the water mark appear on the right side of the front of the bill.

– Tilt the bill to see the color-shifting ink on the copper denomination number. It will shift from copper to green.

If you receive counterfeit money, please call 911 to report the incident.

The Federal Reserve provides resources and quick reference guides for identifying counterfeit bills. Businesses may want to review these with employees.

Source: Hometown Daily News

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