Governor Asa Hutchinson’s Visit to Harrison – Hometown Daily News Asa Hutchinson Jan. 15, 2020

Governor Asa Hutchinson with other Arkansas dignitaries stopped by Harrison on Wednesday to tour the Hillcrest Home and recognize Harrison youth volunteers, including Ruby Kate Chitsey, founder of Three Wishes for Ruby’s Residents. Governor Hutchinson then spoke at the annual meeting and awards luncheon of the Harrison Regional Chamber of Commerce.

The governor met several residents at Hillcrest Home Wednesday morning sharing handshakes, smiles, and warm greetings with them. He spoke of his parent’s commitment to his life and career and thanked the residents for doing the same for their families. Governor Hutchinson also presented a certificate of recognition to Ruby Kate Chitsey for her volunteer work benefitting Harrison seniors.

The governor has fondly recalled Chitsey’s visit to the capitol saying, “…she told me that her hobby is kindness. I thought that’s a hobby we all should take up.” The governor told Chitsey and the other members of Three Wishes for Ruby’s Residents that sometimes children can teach adults a thing or two about how to live.

Following his visit to Hillcrest Home the Governor spoke to a large crowd of local businesses and organizations at the Harrison Regional Chamber of Commerce’s annual meeting and awards luncheon. The governor spoke about his appreciation for the chamber’s new direction focusing on economic development. He also encouraged the audience to vote “yes” on Issue One this year. This issue proposes the current half cent sales tax going toward Arkansas roads remain in effect. The governor clearly stated that this is not a new tax, but continuation of a current tax.

Hutchinson also mentioned his stance on allowing legal refugees into the state of Arkansas. He spoke to the vetting process of those refugees and said, “…they’ve improved the vetting process to improve security. There’s not any risk involved. And these are all legal immigrants, refugees, somebody whose waited in line to be here lawfully, and most of them have cooperated with the United States on foreign soil or under religious persecution.” He also said the work record of these Arkansas refugees has been “very, very good,” and that part of being a welcoming nation is to accept refugees.

Governor Hutchinson has three years left in office and is facing a term limit. He was asked if he has any thoughts about making another run for congress at the conclusion of his term. He said “We’ll just have to wait and see. Three years is a long time and there’s a lot that I want to accomplish as governor.”

Source: Hometown Daily News