Branson Entertainer and Pastor Gary McSpadden Passes Away

by: Scott McCaulley

A man involved in many aspects of the Branson Area has died.

Gary McSpadden passed way Wednesday after a battle with cancer at the age of 77.

Bill Budnick, who was on KRZK’s “At Your Service” program Thursday morning announcing the postponement of the Ozark Mountain Prayer Breakfast from May to September, talked about McSpadden’s impact.

McSpadden was scheduled to be a part of this year’s Prayer Breakfast.

McSpadden hosted a TV Show recorded at Silver Dollar City beginning in 1999 called Gospel Jubilee and also performed at several theaters as well as worked on other TV Shows over the next 20 years. McSpadden also was the pastor at Faith and Wisdom Church in Branson.


Source: Hometown Daily News

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